Specialising in fact-based analysis to diagnose complex situations, and develop insightful and practical solutions

sarmat consultants have worked discreetly on projects all over the world, assisting governments, companies, organisations and individual leaders to achieve their goals through effective communication that influences the way people listen, think and act.

Drawing on more than two decades of experience in producing detailed research across consumer and industrial markets we use a unique blend of experience, intelligence, insight and innovation. In the process we have made a real difference; enabled growth, created new markets, changed the nature of debates, and won over public opinion for the benefit of our clients.

sarmat offers on-the-ground research, market intelligence and advice to corporate, NGO and governmental clients. We are able to produce bespoke and confidential reports and services for a wide variety of clients. These range from sector and market reports that identify the opportunities, the entrenched players, the tax and legal environment and pitfalls in specific areas.

Where the issues require a small team of the highest calibre, to bring intellectual rigour, fact-based analysis, insight and creativity, then sarmat is the preferred choice.