Market Research

By understanding your business issues through market research we can provide the right solutions and expertise to help you identify, optimise and activate the moments that will drive extraordinary growth.

We do this by giving our clients access to great people; smart thinkers who design great research and combine it with experience, industry knowledge, and the latest thinking and business smarts – getting right to the heart of the issue and giving you a clear course to steer.

Our research partnerships enable us to draw upon specialists from academia, civil society and the private sector to identify, optimise and activate the moments that matter most to your business, and create a comprehensive plan for growth.

How we add clarity to your business

Consumer Experience

Consumer are bombarded daily with promises of compelling experiences. To be successful, a new product or service needs to be intuitive, usable, engaging and desirable.  The user experience needs to be emotional in order to be memorable.

sarmat help our clients create and improve customer experiences for existing or new products and services.

Our user experience findings reveal definitive plans on how to best differentiate your products and services, capitalize on current market opportunities, and guide the UX of future product and service design.

As a result our clients create experiences that are engaging and meaningful; driving user adoption and customer satisfaction.

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Social Intelligence

The widespread consumer adoption of social media has forced brands to work much harder to influence purchase decisions, keep customers loyal and win new customers.

Successful brands will identify which online conversations matter to most, and extract insights that can feed into key activities, such as customer management, product development or advertising.

We extract relevant information from social channels and integrate it with additional data – such as brand and sales tracking and insights from our market experts. This allows us to go beyond social media listening; giving our clients the full market context and a strong foundation on which to base smart business decisions.

We analyse consumer-generated content across all owned and earned social media channels globally. Our partnership with Chinese digital agencies enables this to be expanded into the largest market on the planet.

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Trends & Forecasting

Today’s speed to market of new offerings and shortening product lifecycles place a unique pressure on businesses to stay ahead.  Purchasing behavior is shifting more rapidly than ever.

To succeed, businesses need accurate sales forecasts — based on robust analysis — and the most up-to-date purchasing and market trends.

We deliver detailed forecasts of demand across a range of industries. Our forecasts are built using a proprietary approach that combines our global expertise with local knowledge. This combination provides our clients uniquely granular and timely forecasts of future demand – forecasting what products consumers will purchase, in what volume, at what price, and where.

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Range of markets


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