Sri Lanka

2014 Trade and Investment Profile

The end of the civil war in 2009 has allowed Sri Lanka to focus on rebuilding the country’s economy and infrastructure. The government has set ambitious goals for economic development – aspiring to GDP growth rates over 8 percent and developing five economic hubs in ports, aviation, commerce, knowledge, and energy. Tourism is also attracting investment. With a relatively open investment climate and financial system, moderately stable monetary policy, improving infrastructure, and world-class local companies, Sri Lanka has many of the ingredients to progress economically. For foreign investors, Sri Lanka’s frontier market has been fertile ground for both direct and capital investments.

The principal risks to Sri Lanka’s economy is the small chance that political instability is brought upon the country again by a political minority. Beyond that, there are currency exchange risks for foreign investors and there is the risk that investing somewhere else could do better.

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Disclaimer: The information and materials contained in this document have been prepared for information purposes only and are general in nature. The information contained in this document is based on material compiled from data considered to be reliable at the time of publication. However information and opinions expressed in this document should not be construed as final consideration for any business and investment decision making. Sarmat Research Partners Pty Ltd cannot be held responsible for any losses whether direct or indirect as a result of using this information.


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