Bangladesh: Trade and Investment Profile

Situated in South Asia, Bangladesh is a young democracy with all the growth pains that accompanies this. Traditionally an agrarian economy, Bangladesh has established itself as the textile and readymade garment powerhouse of the world, with almost all major global apparel brands sourcing from Bangladesh.

With a large population of ~160 million people, Bangladesh has maintained an impressive track record of growth and development over the past decade, growing at nearly 6% per year through strong export performance.

With a business climate supportive of FDI, Bangladesh’s growth is likely to continue on this trajectory. Most critical to this growth will be energy policies that enables a better fuel mix to diversify power generation and exploit untapped gas reserves. Other opportunities include modernisation of Bangladesh’s transport system, and port infrastructure.

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Disclaimer: The information and materials contained in this document have been prepared for information purposes only and are general in nature. The information contained in this document is based on material compiled from data considered to be reliable at the time of publication. However information and opinions expressed in this document should not be construed as final consideration for any business and investment decision making. Sarmat Research Partners Pty Ltd cannot be held responsible for any losses whether direct or indirect as a result of using this information.

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