Market Insights

An ever-increasing amount of domestic and global data has led companies to seek a deeper understanding of customers, targets, and markets. These market insights are found by scrutinising the data and challenging the assumptions to identify the ‘nugget’ that totally makes sense now, but wasn’t obvious until confronted with it

sarmat consolidates information from a number of sources to produce insight like no other that enable our clients to make the right business decisions in the moments that matter.

How we can help support your market insights

Consulting and Advisory

The competitive nature of the markets that we operate within requires a unique perspective. We provide small, experienced teams to help businesses to think critically and creatively about the key problems facing their business.

Our exposure to a wide range of organisations enables us to think broadly about possible opportunities, unconstrained by the ‘conventional wisdom’ of a particular client or industry.

Trend Analysis

The capacity to identify market trends, opportunities and risks and make time critical decisions to gain competitive advantage requires the ability to identify and organise a group of repeating ideas and monitor these for opportunities.

Our Trend Analysis capability is specifically designed to help our clients achieve this goal and prepare itself to achieve competitive advantage.

Forecasts for investors and capital markets

Institutional investors face pressure to perform. To succeed, businesses need visibility to significant trends at the earliest stage(s). Businesses need to acquire reliable and compliant information on where to invest.

We provide investors with robust forecasts using the world’s largest sample of point of sales data. We predict and document turning points in consumer demand, providing regular, detailed company analyses on technology hardware, semiconductor and consumer durable companies.

Our forecasts allow investors to make successful recommendations backed up by credible and compliant sources.