Switching on a B2B Social Strategy

Switching on a B2B Social Strategy


An Australian commercial lighting manufacturer knew that they needed social media to tell their story more effectively, but were unsure about how to become a social organisation. This meant they had to build guidelines, focus their social media plan, train employees, and unify their online presence. sarmat was hired to develop a social media strategy that aligned with their innovative and forward-thinking.  

Our Approach

Every business is different, it has a unique audience that responds to specific messages across different channels, however, the core principles of social media marketing remain the same regardless of the client of industry. We know this because we’ve implemented a successful approach for many organisations. Our process begins by looking at your social footprint, who is on social, which accounts are inactive, who the ‘social media superstars’ are, and what existing engagement processes are in place. We then optimise these channels for the business and ensure that the ability to post, listen and respond are maintained. With essential profiles established, the need for a more purposeful approach was implemented that better catered to the business and their customer’s needs.  


Establishing key performance indicators (KPIs), such as increased traffic to the website, helps the organisation see the value of strategic social media marketing. With the tools and education in place, our client is set up to properly represent the smart and innovative organisation they pride themselves to be. Across their official social channels, they now effectively listen to and connect with their social audience. To date the client has boosted brand awareness and increased their social portfolio by over 500% using the strategy that sarmat developed.