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sarmat provides strategic guidance and support to empower companies to navigate the increasing array of marketing systems, channels and data.

About Us

Who we are

sarmat is a consultancy that integrates data and research that tells a story and brings about change for organisations. What makes us different is our ability to uncover the underlying needs and motivations of customers and translate those insights into better ideas.

Our success is defined by treating our clients as business partners, to ensure we understand their needs and share their aspirations. An entrepreneurial spirit drives us to continually discover better ways to address our clients’ needs, ultimately effecting positive change for them, for their industries and for the world.

Our Approach

Delivers Actionable Insights

Our global team of thinkers, makers and doers combines its diverse skills to create fresh thinking and actionable strategies. With our optimistic yet pragmatic approach, we help our clients find new avenues for growth. We leverage our global experience, and partners to bring the right people with the right experience together to solve our clients’ business challenges.

Our approach combines insight and innovation from multiple disciplines with business and industry knowledge to help our clients excel anywhere in the world. At the heart of our approach is a core capability that considers complex commercial data with market insights and research that generates knowledge and actionable strategies.

The result is a company that looks at your entire business, not just the job at hand. A company that aims to deliver exceptional results, insights that work and marketing strategies that solve real business problems.

Data Analysis

Understand relevant data to create value, enhance competitiveness and arm your business with the tools needed to compete now, and in the future. More…

Market Research

Understand the behaviours and attitudes of your customers to identify and optimise the activities that will drive growth and profitability. More…

Generate Insights

Gain a deeper understanding of markets that you operate in to make the right business decisions in the moments that matter. More…

Strategic Approach

Optimise your business to leverage the opportunities that are emerging in the market with strategic plans that align with your goals. More…

Some Clients

We’ve worked with

Behre Dolbear
Perret Associates

Our Process

How we do it

Actionable Insights

Generating real-time, actionable insights gives you a competitive advantage, regardless of your decision cycle.

Focused on your business

Only by deep-diving into the way your industry operates can we help you better understand the tools you need to achieve your goals. Let our proven approach offer new perspectives that will help you realise your business’ full potential.

See your data differently

Get extensive insights into your data, complete with context and granularity. Better visibility means being able to face business challenges head-on and with greater confidence

Advanced Thinking

We provide the context that brings actionable insights to life. Let’s go beyond the numbers and uncover what influences your customers, as a whole. You’ll then be better positioned to predict what will happen next. And understand why.

Our history


Data diven insights

Founded in 2009, on the belief that businesses need a deeper understanding of the data, we’ve since been intuitively exploring the various aspects of decision making.


International Perspectives

We established our international business capabilities while living in Mongolia for three years.


Advisory Services

Developed a range of advisory capabilities focused on Trade and Investment and Risk Management.


Research Collaboration

A partnership with Sydney-based Inside Story and Scott Market Research enabled us to expand our research capabilities.


Search and Social Response

We focused our understanding of the response to social and search.


International Markets

Partnering with a Chinese Digital agency to expand our reach into Asia.


Industrial Markets

Undertook a deep dive into industrial markets, focused on the industrial buying and selling process.


New Horizons

Partnering with a European analysis firm enables us to expand our offering.


Our Solutions

Primary Deliverables

Although every project is different our clients are typically seeking solutions to a number of business challenges

Customer Perceptions

How do we integrate customer feedback to provide a better user experience 

Competitive Advantage

How do we generate unique market insights that provide competitive advantage

Data Interpretation

How do we understand and leverage the growing amount of data in a digital world


How do we structure our business to take advantage of digital transformation

Digital Communication

How do we communicate in an environment where social media is prominent

Successful Strategies

How do we develop and deploy growth strategies that cut through the noise in the market

Our portfolio

Some awesome work we are proud of

Find out how we help the world’s top companies win in their respective markets

Our team

Behind the scenes

Matt Anderson

Matthew Anderson


Inquisitive by nature, Matthew leverages commercial experience to combine data, research and insights to keep our clients at the leading edge of marketing and business science methods.

Brad Pitts

Brad Pitts


With extensive experience in Africa, Brad combines his skills in geophysics and geology to identify and commercialise projects in some of the most challenging environments in the world.

Our Qualifications

Industry Credentials

Our experienced team holds a number of industry credentials that augments substantial experience

Flight School

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